Wellness with Purpose

We help people reach their full potential

Wellness programs can reduce healthcare costs, boost employee engagement, and foster a healthy work culture. But many wellness programs see engagement trail off because, well... People just get bored.

Why? Because the employees are expected to fit the program, instead of the other way around. The Everyone Wellness platform turns the traditional wellness program on its head—meeting employees where they are and empowering them to work on what they find meaningful.


Why Everyone Wellness?

The Everyone Wellness Corporate platform provides


Pick from over 200 available challenges or create your own custom challenges.

Health Assessment.

An online questionnaire guides participants to the areas they should focus on to improve their well-being.


Track via text message, mobile app, web portal, or wearable device (including fitness app).


Get your team going with premium differentials, raffles, fitness gear, gift cards and more.

Biometrics (optional).

Offer biometric screenings at your office, local labs, and/or a physician’s office.

Health coaching (optional).

Pair your participants with health experts to help them achieve their wellness goals.

WellRight participants that maintain their habits

Good Health is Good Business

It's no secret - when you feel better, you're more productive. You can focus. You can accomplish more. Adopting a wellness program at your organisation results in healthier workers and a better bottom line

Everyone Wellness learns about each of its clients to develop tailored programs that create participants instead of protesters. This flexibility makes it easy change the program each year, keeping the activities fresh and interest levels high.

Wellness that’s well-rounded

Wellness is more than just nutrition and exercise. With hundreds of engaging challenges and activities, the WellRight program meets people where they’re at in their wellness journey and helps them develop healthy habits for mind, for body and for life.


Because good health is good business

Helping your employees feel better isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s a smart business decision.

Better engagement when employees have strong overall well-being

ROI generated for every $1 employers invest in wellness programs

Of employers that offer wellness programs experience financial stability and growth