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Wellness Challenge Ideas

Activities that are fresh, meaningful and customizable

Everyone Wellness' challenge ideas help users develop new habits across the entire spectrum of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, occupational and social—all driven by purpose.

• Over 200 challenges (and counting!), ranging from bite-sized changes to “Time to unleash your inner warrior!”

• Challenges can be customized or even created from scratch.

• Users can participate in group challenges for fun gamification that brings the whole team together.


Featured challenge #114: Double Dare

The Double Dare Challenge invites you to try two new things during the next 30 days. Do something you've been telling yourself you'd do, but haven't had the time. Taste a new food. Go somewhere you've never been. Volunteer at a shelter. Try rock climbing. Change your hairstyle. Write a letter to your minister. Sing at an open mic night. Get out of your comfort zone.

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